Minggu, 10 Mei 2015

How to Generate Bitcoin in A-Ads

How to Generate Bitcoin in A-Ads - Many Ways to earn money on the internet one of which I will share in this occasion that get Bitcoin

For those of you who are looking for ways to add your bitcoin, just once has opened this page but with requirements that you must meet:1. Have a Website or Blog2. Has Account Account Bitcoin

Here I will only discuss about A-ads.com, a website publisher ads service providers who pay every day. What the A-ads? A-ads.com is a website that works in Bisang advertising. Here A-ads.com gives us all to earn income by becoming publiser or advertising publishers of A-ads.com. A-ads.com pay based Pageview and Click Advertising. So do not worry that our ads are not clicked.

Please refer to the method of taking the code to be installed on a website or blog:1. Go to the site a-ads.com2. Once the select tab page kebuka Earn Money and could see screenshootnya below:A-Ads
3. After the "Create Ad Unit" you will be taken to the next page and please do as the following picture:
4. Please scroll down and you will see a picture like this:
5. Go to the Address Bank Bitcoin / Bitcoin Address bitcoinnya you to know the address, see the red box in the love that your bitcoin address Bank of bitcoin
bank of bitcoin
6. Please copy and paste the code dikotak right and to check the advertising revenue you see the code unit and put it in the search box located at the top right a-ads
That is the explanation of How to Generate Bitcoin in A-Ads, hopefully can help and survivors seeking Bitcoin.

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