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Dispelling way Ants

"HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants

"HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants - What kind ways to chase the ant with easy, natural ingredients anything that quickly create expel the ant? Ants are one of the types of animals that like sweets for example or type snack foods containing sweetness.

Wherever we put the model foods containing sweetness surely will soon invite the arrival of ants, so ants often considered very disturbing kenyamana animal occupants of the house, terumata when in the house more than one small child is clear can bite and make the child cry.

Powerful Ways Dispelling AntsType ant indeed many of the biting red ants example type or model of ants that swarm just food like black ants but their presence would interfere once.More than one way to repel ants can run some kind of ant chalk, with insecticide and other types of drugs, but not necessarily when the sarangsemut us feel at home they will simply disappear, while the friends of their friends who still resides in still a lot of holes and is not likely to come back again.Expel the ant with chemicals is also very dangerous if the house are young children, who obviously ex-drug toxic insect repellent such as the ant will be attached to ex-sprays after the ant mengussir the now we get a clear grasp of offspring toddler is very dangerous. Just as in cockroaches ants also liked the place very dirty.

How to Expel Ants in HousePerfect solution to safely repel ants along the environmentally friendly natural ingredients only. Then the ingredients are natural ant repellent anything?

This is an ant repellent material that you can try: 

  • Cinnamon

"HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants

Although it tastes sweet, but cinnamon is not preferred ants. Create repel ants, sprinkle ground cinnamon around doors, windows along the floor into the entrance of ants into the house. 

  • Water Lime
"HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
Sour smell of lemon will disrupt the sweet smell of sugar were arrested ants. Create repel ants, spray lemon juice around doors or windows where the entry of ants. 
  • Coffee Grounds
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
Make a hobby of drinking coffee, do not rush to dispose of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can be used for repel ants, how to sprinkle coffee grounds around windows or doors into the entrance of ants into your home.  

  • Cornstarch 
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Corn flour or cornstarch can also create repel ants. The trick, find anthill then sprinkle cornmeal in the ant nest. Not long after the ant nest will eventually move away. 
  • Betel Leaf
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Betel leaves can be used to wash the eyes, in others it turns betel leaves can also be used as a means of natural ant repellent.
    Knead betel leaf and put it where ants swarming. Insects such as ants do not like the smell of essential oils released by the betel leaf.
  • Clove
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Clove is a spice used for seasoning.
    Cloves also mixed into regular tobacco cigarettes. Selainnya cloves were also able to create repel ants. The trick with cloves sprinkled around the objects that will be kept out of the crowd and the ants are often passed along to use for wandering ants. With a distinctive smell of cloves ants will escape and leave.
  • Peppermint
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Essential oils of peppermint can also be enabled for repel ants. If it is difficult to create essential oils of peppermint, as an alternative you can use a mint-scented liquid soap. Mix the water with the same comparison in a spray bottle, then spray on a crowd of ants.
  • Skin Chicken Eggs
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    because they can not eat, it is usually a chicken egg shells will be immediately discarded. But from now on do not rush to be discarded, especially if the house is more than one ant. Sangrailah eggshell colored black cock up. Then crushed egg shells until smooth. Next, sprinkle in a place where the ants are nesting.
  • Vinegar
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    for ants, vinegar is abomination. Pour vinegar over the anthill will build ants departing from the nest together will never come back again.
  • Laundry Detergent
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Not only can you create facilitate smooth out the fat in the dish, dish soap can to repel ants.
    Combine the water with dishwashing soap and enter into a spray bottle. Create repel ants, spray water mixed with soap is the crowd of ants.
  • Baking Soda
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    for protection, ants always accompanies him with acid. Make a mixture of baking soda along with powdered sugar and place in strategic places. Sour taste of baking soda will outwit the ants, so ants no longer continue the exploration of sugar in your home.
  • Boric Acid
    "HOW TO" Dispelling way Ants
    Boric acid can be used for repel body odor. In others it turns out also can create repel ants. The trick, mix powdered sugar along with boric acid (looking at store chemicals). Sprinkle this mixture around the nest of ants, or where ants congregate.

Ants will carry food to the nest and will poison a group of ants in the nest. You can also sprinkle boric acid around a sugar or soy sauce. But be careful, keep out of reach of children.So easy is not it? With the above materials besides safe also easily obtained at a cheap price again along the course easier to repel ants.

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